Our goal is to make the entire house painting process as stress-free for you as possible…like a regular trip through the drive-thru lane at your favorite burger place! However, there are a few areas where we will need your help:

COLOR SELECTION: If you are keeping the existing color scheme, we’ll need to know if you have the original color information. If not, we’ll identify a close match. If you are changing your color scheme, you need to have your final selections determined 1-week before the start of your project. Orange Elephant strongly suggests testing your color selections on your home before making a final decision!

POWER WASHING: Please make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked. All breakables should be removed from porches and/or deck(s).

WINDOW & DOOR PAINTING: Our paint technicians will need to have your windows and doors unlocked at some point in the painting process. These items are usually completed in one day. Your doors and windows can be completely closed and locked by sundown.

FINAL INSPECTION & PAYMENT: Your Project Manager will complete the Orange Elephant Certification Checklist prior to requesting your presence for a final walk-around. Once any remaining issues have been addressed, we will need your signature on the Certification Form along with your payment. Lastly, your Project Manager will present you with your “Orange Elephant Certified” decal which includes your paint and color information, warranty dates, and Orange Elephant contact information.

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