Choosing colors for your home, whether you are keeping the existing color scheme or searching for a new look, can present some serious challenges. At Orange Elephant, we want to make that process as easy as possible, so here are some important points to consider on the subject:

If You Are Keeping Your Existing Colors

The easiest way to reach this goal is to find the existing paint color information and duplicate it. If you don’t have any documentation (previous paint job paperwork, original construction info, leftover paint cans, etc.), we will have to determine a Sherwin Williams substitute. Note: Color matching is not an exact science so you should expect a little variance from the original.

If You Are Changing Colors

Just like expensive clothing, you should “try on” your new colors before you make a final decision! Sherwin Williams can provide you with as many as you need at a reasonable cost.

The other BIG issue with new colors is COVERAGE. While we can achieve some color changes on siding and shutters with one sprayed-on coat of Sherwin Williams’ paint, more often than not, complete coverage will require a second coat. If we can achieve a solid color change with one coat, that’s great! It’s a cost savings for the homeowner and that’s a big win. However, we hope for the best and plan for the worst, up front, so we will always give you the second coat price with your original quote. Our goal is to do what is best for you and your home, not just what is cheapest.

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