Orange What?

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As their real estate and construction businesses continued to thrive, it became apparent that the residential contractor services market—especially the painting segment—was in desperate need of something new, something fresh, and more importantly—something reliable. The young entrepreneurs began formulating plans to turn the contractor world on its head. Calling on their summer painting experience from years past, and folding in their vision to implement the unique business culture they had always hoped for, the brothers realized they were going to need a company name that would match their passion. A name that would signify something much BIGGER than a paint color on the side of a house. One that would represent an unforgettable experience. Orange Elephant was born! The brothers once again partnered with Steve Noble, their house painting "Guru" and mentor...but this time, the twins had nearly 20 years of business success behind them. Reunited after a 10-year hiatus, the trio hit the ground running.