Fast forward to the 2000s. Steve would continue to grow and eventually sell his paint business and the Edwards brothers would earn their MBAs from East Carolina University, and go on to gain experience in the banking, insurance, and construction industries. Immediately following graduate school, the twins decided to renovate an old dilapidated house in Downtown Raleigh—it was quite a project. That one renovation turned into another, and another, and another. Lacking the experience and knowledge of crafty veteran handymen, they worked hard, worked fast, and worked efficiently—all traits they continue to display with their projects today. They also learned that if a project was to be done right, it would ultimately need to be done by the brothers themselves.

Through the years, their success in the real estate industry would continue and lead to the launch of The Edwards Companies and Edwards Capital Partners — nationally recognized investment real estate firms based in Raleigh, NC. Their businesses have been featured in Business Insider, The San Francisco Chronicle, Think Realty Magazine, The Houston Chronicle, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, and more. In August 2016, on behalf of The Edwards Companies, Kelly and Chris received the Think Realty “Property Rehab Specialist of the Year Award”, given by Think Realty Magazine in San Francisco. Learn more about the brothers’ work in the investment real estate industry and their efforts to bring back to life some of Downtown Raleigh’s most blighted neighborhoods.